KNCN, Comcast Team Up for News-On-Demand


KCNC Denver and Comcast Corp. are teaming up to deliver news on-demand to Denver-area cable subscribers.

The CBS-owned station will make four daily newscasts available for free to Comcast digital cable subscribers. The newscasts will be available a half hour after the live broadcast on KCNC and remain on Comcast’s system for three hours. KCNC’s 6 a.m., noon, 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. news will all be available.

"It's a whole new way to watch TV - now customers' favorite news will follow their schedules," says Scott Binder, senior VP of Comcast's Colorado market 

Letting viewers pick when they watch local news could be dangerous. Stations rely on ratings to drive advertising pricing. If more viewers migrate to video-on-demand, that means fewer eyeballs for the live broadcasts. 

But KCNC VP/GM Walt DeHaven says it is better to get out in front of new technology. "It is inevitable that viewers will have more options for watching television," he says. "We are offering flexibility."