KMPH Scoops Itself


KMPH Freson-Visalia, Calif., will give viewers a five-minute webcast of the day's top stories on its web site even before they air on the station's 10 p.m. newscast.

KMPH, a Pappas Telecasting-owned Fox affiliate, plans to make its reporting available online via its "Around the Clock Webcast."

"Our society is becoming increasingly tech-savvy," says Charles Plaff, the station's GM and Western Group Manager for Pappas' stations. "It is imperative that news organizations like KMPH provide content where our viewers want it."

KMPH joins a growing number of stations who are branding themselves as 24-hour news destinations via their Web sites to compete in a world filled with always-on news sites and 24-hour national and regional cable news channels.