Klobuchar: A Lot of DTV Fears Unfounded

Lautenburg also pleases with success of transition; praised Copp's leadership

The DTV transition continued to get high marks from Capitol Hill last week. Following shout-outs at a House hearing on a satellite bill, some Senators followed suit, including one who had long expressed concerns about her heavily-analog state.

"In Minnesota, more than 21 percent of our households depend exclusively on over-the-air broadcast TV," said Sen. Amy Klobuchar in January as she backed moving the DTV date. "Unless we get this right, millions could be without television on February 18, the day after the transition."

The June date appeared to be a different story. "The DTV transition is going better than we thought," she said at the confirmation hearing for FCC chair Nominee Julius Genachowski. " A lot of our fears were unfounded," she said, though she added there were still "problems and glitches" that had to be fixed.

Senator Frank Lautenburg (D-NJ) also said he was pleased with, "how successful the transistion was," after its initial "slow start and delays." He praised the leadership of acting Chairman Michael Copps, and also said he was glad for the improved signals to New Jersey.