KLAS Las Vegas Prepares Own FCC Filing

Station GM says KVBC's allegations it had sold its newscast are baseless

KLAS Las Vegas, which was the subject of an FCC complaint alleging it had sold its newscast, says it is preparing its own filing with the FCC demonstrating that news coverage is "determined solely by news management."

KLAS GM Emily Nielson told B&C emphatically that the allegations were baseless when the FCC complaint, filed by competitor KVBC, was made public Oct. 9.

"KVBC knows there is no basis for the charges it filed against KLAS," the station said in a statement Friday. "KVBC has carefully avoided directly stating the charges, either on the air or in interviews with other news outlets.  It has instead only referred to what is stated in its FCC filing.  This is because anyone can file a complaint with the FCC without being liable for defamation if the charges are inaccurate. "

"If KVBC had any real basis for the charges made in its complaint against KLAS," said the station, "it would make a direct accusation and take legal responsibility for the claim. It has not done so either on the air or in interviews with other news outlets."

KVBC attorney Dom Monahan said he was reviewing the statement, but had no comment at press time.