KLAS dubs gunfire on tape of shooting


KLAS-TV Las Vegas offered viewers not only exclusive security-camera footage
of a fatal shooting at Harrah's Las Vegas Casino & Hotel this month, it
provided an original soundtrack.

Reporter-anchor John Gilbert told local weekly Las Vegas City Life
that lacking natural sound, he presented what he felt replicated the actual
sounds -- including the sounds of slot machines and gunfire -- to present a
story closer to 'reality.'

Gilbert said such an occurrence was rare. News director Gene Ross said that
although Gilbert thought he was doing the right thing, it was a mistake.

Ross said there was no written policy on the subject, although he added that
he had not envisioned the need for one.

Such a prohibition does exist in the Radio-Television News Directors
Association's code of ethics, which states, 'Professional electronic journalists
should not . report anything known to be false, manipulate images or sounds in
any way that is misleading or present images or sounds that are reenacted
without informing the public.'