Kitman Makes 'Huffington' Posts Official


Marvin Kitman, former Newsday TV critic, has officially joined the online community as the TV critic for The Huffington Post. 

Kitman who has been contributing to the Web site since late May, has agreed to become a regular fixture, continuing to contribute two columns a week for the blog. 

“It’s great to be back on the beat,” said Kitman (who’s likely anxious to get back on all those advance-screener lists).  “As you know, the only thing writers like as much as a paycheck is a platform, and The Huffington Post is a great platform. They tell me that it gets something like two million hits, or misses or whatever they call, it a day." 

And he couldn't resist a gentle shot at his former employers. "That’s four times as many readers as I had at Newsday" (for his column, “The Marvin Kitman Show”), he says, "even when they inflated the circulation numbers.” 

Kitman left the paper in April 2005 after 35 years.