King World goes one-on-one at Promax


Miami - Ironically, King World has gotten something positive out of our economic downturn. The syndicator got so much out of its one-on-one casual meetings at Promax/BDA, done in response to TV folks cutting expenses, it will continue the practice indefinitely.

Even when the economy improves, "we'll absolutely" continue the smallish sessions, a change from King World's usual splashy presentations for each of its shows, says the company's marketing chief Delilah Loud. She says this format "has been a lot more constructive for us" because the old 90-minute workshop way of going about things "became one-sided. Stations were afraid to ask questions because it's an intimidating environment."

The more intimate meetings succeeded in convincing stations to put resources into promoting The Ananda Lewis Show - consciously counter to the prevailing wisdom to pull back on advertising. Loud declined to be specific but she credits the one-on-one's for helping her strike strategic marketing alliances with Tribune Broadcasting and Hearst-Argyle - two groups that will carry Ananda in the fall.

In response to the economy, King World is beefing up its national advertising plans to make up for any shortfalls on the local front. One retro example: `wild-posting,' in which King World will emulate film studios' and music labels' popular marketing methods of plastering construction sites with posters to hype their respective product.
- Susanne Ault