King of Queen's Remini: Maybe (a Finale) Baby


With The King of Queens nearing the end of its nine-year run, writers on the CBS sitcom may find themselves caught in the crossfire over how to bring the show to a graceful conclusion.

In a recent TV Guide interview, co-star Leah Remini said she would "love to see it end with a little life story after the show’s over, like a montage of a baby, and see that baby grow up during the credits."

Funny. Her co-star Kevin James put the kibosh on that idea years ago with an adamant "no baby, no time" proclamation at a TV Academy panel. James lamented that the introduction of a kid late in the run of NBC’s Mad About You—culminating in the two-part 1999 series finale in which the Buchmans’ grown-up daughter, played by Janeane Garofalo, flashes back on life with her parents—had ruined one of his favorite comedies.

James said he wanted always to remain true to the show’s premise: the marriage of a juvenile, heavy-set Queens delivery driver and his sexy, smart and cantankerous wife. Of course, the Buchman child filled an entire season, and Remini is talking about only a minute or two. And after nine years of TV marriage, James may just be too tired to argue about it.