Kimmel's Razor's Edge

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Here's one nice thing about having your own late-night show on network TV: Don't feel like shaving? Just turn it into a comedy bit.

That was Jimmy Kimmel's solution when he returned from vacation last week with a beard-in-progress and declared it "Beard Week" on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

"It would be selfish to keep it to myself and not share it," Kimmel joked in an interview with B&C last week. "It is my gift to America. More importantly, it covers up a couple of my chins."

Kimmel and Executive Producer Jill Leiderman hatched a plan to have Kimmel keep the beard until Friday, when he would trim it but leave a mustache for, that's right, "Mustache Friday."

Naturally, their thoughts turned to what to do with the facial hair once it's clipped.

"I think we're going to send the actual beard to the Smithsonian, where it will hang next to Archie Bunker's chair," Kimmel says. "Or if I am feeling charitable, maybe I'll auction if off and donate the proceeds to
Oprah's school in Africa."

Leiderman was just proud of her host for living the dream of all the regular schmoes who have to put cold razor to skin before trudging off to work: "Jimmy is not afraid of being the most hirsute talk-show host in late