Kid-Friendly FCC Bug a No-Show


It looks as though it will now be at least midsummer before broadcasters are required to put the "educational/informational" (EI) bug on all their FCC-friendly kids shows.

Although the FCC did indeed make that bug a requirement in its updated kids rules adopted last November, it will not become effective until the Office of Management and Budget signs off on them.

The bug must air on-screen through the entirety of a show for broadcasters to get creidt toward their three-hour weekly minimum.
A source says that the commission has yet to hear back from OMB, which, thanks to the Paperwork Reduction Act, must approve any new regs that qualify as an information collection obligation.

Once OMB signs off, the FCC will release a public notice. It could technically make the effective date immediate, but would probably give broadcasters, both commercial and noncommercial, at least 30 days to add the bugs.

New commercial limits on kids shows kicked in Feb. 3, as would the EI bug were it not for the OMB sign-off requriement, but other elements of new kids rules, including restrictions on Web sites promoted in shows, and limits on promos for non-educational content, won't trigger until later.