Kellner slams Nielsen


Turner Broadcasting System Inc. chairman Jamie Kellner teed off on Nielsen
Media Research last week in a conference call with investors.

He said the research service 'didn't do its job very well' when it didn't
incorporate new and bigger estimates for the 18-through-34 audience into its
2001-02 rating measurements.

Census data released in the summer of 2001 showed the young-adult audience
(18 through 34) to have grown by more than 8 million. The cost to The WB
Television Network of not having that increase included: $30 million in lost
revenue, Kellner said.

Nielsen did not have time to make adjustments for last season on such short
notice, but there had been a debate in the industry about applying the estimates
retroactively, sources said.

The WB was a big proponent of doing so. But sources said numerous agencies
were against it, as were some networks including cable's MTV: Music

The new estimates are in place for the current season.

A Nielsen spokesman disputed Kellner's charge, saying, 'Nielsen did do its
job. It did very well, and it did it according to sound research