KCET Could Expand NewsHour Streaming Test


Jackie Kain, VP of new media at noncommercial KCET Los Angeles, says that if its trial of online delivery of PBS' NewsHour several hours before it airs on the station, it could apply the Internet strategy to other shows.

Each day's newscast will be available at 3 p.m. Pacific time, four hours earlier than its airing on the TV station.

The station has been Webcasting the show for the past month, but decided to up the Internet ante by allowing surfers to kcet.org to view the live feed of the show at 3, rather than have to wait until it airs on the station at 7.

Kain said the station is monitoring the show's online performance--it just started collecting data from the July hard launch--as it considers a comprehensive IPTV strategy.

"The whole idea is to make programming available when and where viewers want it," she says, "which may be on their computers at work or elsewhere."

She said that PBS gave the station its OK to conduct what she calls a test, though she said the request was more a courtesy since she came up with the idea in concert with NewsHour's online editor.

She says she is closely monitoring both the PBS VOD effort with cable for several shows, including NewsHour, Frontline, and Now, as well as a BBC IPTV effort.