Katrina-Clip Miss Disses Fox's Smith


Apparently, when Fox News anchor Shepard Smith was invited to lead a panel discussion on covering Hurricane Katrina at the Radio-Television News Directors Association conference last week, nobody thought to tell the editor of the clip reel celebrating the most exemplary TV coverage.

Smith, a Mississippi native, was a model in reportorial courage, covering the storm on the ground in New Orleans and tracking its impact on his home state extensively thereafter.

But you wouldn’t know it from the long highlight video that preceded the panel talk. While the montage included the heroics of local stations WWL and WDSU—and even prominently featured reports from Fox competitors MSNBC and CNN—Smith was nowhere to be found.

The omission wasn’t lost on the brash anchor. "We covered it, too," he said dryly after the video ended. "I guess no one was watching."

The panel’s organizer, WBZ Boston Station Manager Angie Kucharski, apologized profusely at the panel’s close, explaining that footage of Smith’s reporting had been left out accidentally. "What you didn’t see," she said, "is one of the reasons we asked him to moderate."

Bet that wouldn’t have happened to Anderson Cooper.