Katie Couric in Primetime


Many have predicted the demise of the evening news broadcasts. They are becoming irrelevant in the wired world where news is available 24/7 and at the touch of a finger. But CBS News is doing their darnedest to swim against the inevitable tide. After a rocky start in 2006 for anchor Katie Couric and rampant rumors last spring that she would leave the third-place newscast less than halfway through her 5-year, $75 million deal, the network is working every angle to put her front and center.

She has her own YouTube channel, where she indulges her lighter side, she blogs, anchors a webcast - all in an effort to expose Couric to a new stream of viewers who are not watching a broadcast network at 6:30 p.m.

And next week she’ll get a chance to do her CBS Evening News routine in primetime. The newscast will get a one-time-only half hour of entertainment real estate at 8 p.m. on Jan. 28, pre-empting the Julia Louis-Dreyfus comedy The New Adventures of Old Christine.

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