Kasich Tweets 'Star Wars' Themed Campaign Ad

Comes amid reports he may be dropping out
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While NBC News and others were reporting that Ohio Governor John Kasich was planning to drop out of the GOP presidential race as soon as Wednesday, May 4, after the Indiana primary Tuesday, Kasich was posting a campaign video on Twitter that still made it sound like he had at least planned to be in the race.

Of course, that may have been a nod to the fact that the date-themed, and clever, ad had already been produced, and the web is a low-cost outlet compared to ad time, particularly if the plan is to suspend the campaign.

Tied to the May 4 (May the fourth be with you) unofficial Star Wars Day, the video recreated the iconic opening narration graphics receding off into space.

It billed Kasich as "Our Only Hope" to prevent a Hillary Clinton landslide that would result in new tax hikes from a now-Democratic-controlled Senate, executive orders restricting gun ownership, and a weakened international posture.

The ad is keyed to some studies showing Kasich is the least disliked among all the candidates.

Sen. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump's main rival for the nomination, dropped out immediately following his loss to Trump in Indiana.