JVC's Hard Choice

Disk recorder gives new functionality to camcorder

If three makes a trend, then disk-based recording officially becomes a trend at NAB when JVC introduces a hard-disk recorder for its GY-DV5000 camcorder.

The DR-DV5000 hard-disk recorder uses standard 2.5-inch compact hard disks to record material. JVC says an 80-GB hard drive can store more than six hours of material and uses off-the-shelf 2.5-inch hard disks that can be purchased at stores like CompUSA.

The system features "direct-to-edit," which, according to Communications Manager Dave Walton, allows material to be recorded in the native file format used by a number of editors, including Avid OMF-DV, QuickTime-DV, RawDV, AVI Type 1-DV, AVI Type-2 DV, AVI Type 2C-DV and Matrox AVI-DV.

Says National Product Manager Juan Martinez, "This really eliminates the barrier between tape-based acquisition and nonlinear editing because the edit system recognizes it as a local hard drive."

Clips are created on the hard drive by starting and stopping recording. If connected to the drive, an NLE system can recognize each clip and store the clips into separate folders.

"You can have different types of scenes marked and assigned a different type, like A, B, C, etc.," Martinez explains. "Those different types are then stored together, and, when you import them into the editing systems, they're already organized."

The hard drive attaches to the back of the camera, plugged into the same communication bus as the camera's system control. Buttons on the unit allow manual operation, and an infrared remote can also be used. Recording is done at 25 Mb/s to the hard drive, but the camera also can record to tape.

"The material recorded on the tape becomes archive material," notes Walton.