'Justice for All With Judge Cristina Perez' Cleared in 85% of U.S.

Entertainment Studios' daily courtroom show is shot simultaneously in English and Spanish

Entertainment Studios, Inc.'s Justice for All With Judge Cristina Perez has been cleared in 85% of the
U.S., it was announced Wednesday.

The daily courtroom show, which is produced in English and Spanish simultaneously,
is cleared on group-owned television stations including CBS Television Station
Group, Weigel Broadcasting, Newport, Sinclair Broadcasting, Media General,
Turner Broadcasting, Titan, Bonton, Schurz, Journal, Newsweb, Roberts,
Barrington, TV Groupo, Gray Television, Roundtable Broadcasting, Lin, Nexstar,
Meredith and Sainte Partners II.

"The support of
Justice for All With Judge Cristina Perez
by these quality broadcast
station groups is a true testament to the bilingual talent and likability of Cristina
Perez. With these strong station groups, Justice for All With Judge Cristina Perez is now well-positioned to
be a daily event and a long-term television franchise," said Byron Allen, founder,
chairman and CEO of Entertainment Studios.