Judiciary Targets Gannon


The House Judiciary Committee plans to mark up a bill Wednesday targeting the vetting process, or lack thereof, that allowed James Guckert (under the name of Jeff Gannon) to become a credentialed White House reporter.

Gannon is the right-leaning blogger whose Democrat-bashing framed as a question at a presidential news conference ultimately led to questions of how he got access to the White House. Those questions only intensified when it was discovered he had used an assumed name and was linked to gay porn web sites.

The bill, H. Res 136, would give the Attorney General and Secretary of Homeland Security two weeks to turn over documents relating to, among other things, the security checks Guckert/Gannon went through, who, if anyone, at the Secret Service was supposed to have done a background check on Gannon, and any phone records, mail, e-mail, or faxes between Guckert/Gannon and the Secret Service.

Among the raft of Democratic House members sponsoring the bill are Californians Henry Waxman and George Miller. Miller has been one of the lead critics of administration pay-for-play PR policies, VNRs and other attempts to influence public opinion through quasi-journalism.