Judge Sets Schedule For Filings in Wealth TV Program Carriage Complaints

The hearing before ALJ ended Friday with no decision until mid-July at earliest

The judge has set the schedule for further filings in the program carriage complaint of Wealth TV against Comcast and three other cable companies. The two-week hearing before FCC Administrative Law Judge Richard Sippel wrapped up Friday, but there will be no decision from the administrative law judge until mid-July at the earliest.

According to Comcast, briefs are due June 2 (the four operators are filing jointly), with reply briefs due June 24, proposed decisions due July 1 (both sides get to recommend how they think the judge should rule), and comments from the FCC's enforcement bureau, which is party to the complaint, due July 8.

That will be followed by the judge's decision, which itself is not the final word. It is a recommendation to the full commission, which must ultimately make the call.

Wealth TV argued that Comcast and the other operators discriminated against its channel in favor of a similar channel
in which they had a financial interest. The operators said they did not carry the channel because the two sides failed
to come to terms in a marketplace negotiation.

The first for three program carriage complaints being heard by Judge Richard Sippel began three weeks ago. It was the
NFL Network vs. Comcast. The third begins May 19, with Comcast the defendant once again and the Mid-Atlantic Sports Network lodging the complaint.