Journalists fired upon in West Bank


Call it a variation on the theme of coming under friendly fire: Israeli
soldiers opened fire on a group of dozens of journalists Tuesday, apparently
mistaking them for targeted Palestinians.

The shooting lasted for 10 minutes. Miraculously, none of the journalists was

Here's how ABC anchor Peter Jennings described the incident in his daily
electronic mail late Tuesday afternoon:

'In the middle of the night in Ramallah, the largest Palestinian city on the
West Bank, an ABC producer and camera crew set up their gear on the fourth floor
of a small hotel. Dozens of other journalists were there to watch the Israeli
tanks as they rolled into Ramallah and the adjoining Al-Amari refugee camp. It
was dark.

They had been recording the Israeli advance for about 40 minutes when the
first bullets hit. `We all hit the ground,' ABC News producer Nasser Atta said
later. A pair of Israeli tanks had spun and fired machine-gun rounds at their

The Israelis fired for about 10 minutes before our people were able to
contact Israeli officials to tell them they were firing at journalists.

No one was hurt and, in the scheme of things, this was a tiny event in what
has been a brutal day in the Middle East. But many of you have written over the
years to ask about how we cover the news; this seemed worth passing