John Malone Makes Personal Investment in UXP Systems

Fellow cable pioneer John Risley also backs multiscreen services company
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Cable industry pioneers John Malone and John Risley are dipping into their personal pocketbooks to invest in UXP Systems, a Toronto-based company that specializes in multiscreen user experience software and technologies alongside a focus on the exploding Internet of Things (IoT) market.  

UXP’s flagship MINT platform is designed to provide a unified user management and service federation capability that supports multiscreen user registrations and unified access to all services via one set of credentials. It does this by working in tandem with its customers’ billing, customer care and identity management systems.  

Malone is chairman of Liberty Media and Liberty Interactive, while Risley is deputy chairman of Cable and Wireless. Malone and Risley are now the largest individual shareholders of Cable & Wireless, which recently completed its 100% acquisition of Columbus International, one of UXP’s customers, for $1.85 billion.

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