Jobs Stall, Cable Falls

Dow drops 253 points on disappointing employment data
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The job market stalled in August with exactly zero new
jobs being created, sending the Dow Jones Industrial Average down more than 250
points and cable stocks toward the cellar.

It was the second straight day of losses for the index,
which shed about 120 points on Thursday. Friday's loss of 253 points was spurred
by a dismal jobs report -- no jobs were created or lost in August, the worst
month since September 2010, according to the U.S. Dept. of Labor.

The cable sector took it on the chin Friday, with 
Cablevision Systems enduring the biggest loss at 5% (90 cents per share) to
$16.94 each, followed by Comcast, down 2.9% (63 cents each) to $21; Time Warner
Cable, down 2.8% ($1.85) to $63.55; and Charter Communications, down 1.5% (75
cents) to $48.88.

Satellite stocks were down as well, with Dish Network
dipping 2.8% (70 cents) to $24.30 and DirecTV down 2.6% ($1.15) to $42.23.

On the programming side, Scripps Networks had the biggest
loss -- 3.8% ($1.61) to $40.72 -- followed by News Corp., down 3% (52 cents) to
$16.56; Disney, down 2.8% (92 cents) to $32.46; Viacom, down 2.6% ($1.46) to
$55.52; and Discovery Communications, down 2.5% ($1.03) to $40.34. Rounding out
the sector, Liberty Starz was down 1.7% ($1.15) to $66.18; Liberty Interactive
shed 1.6% (26 cents) to $15.55; and Liberty Capital was down 1.1% (77 cents) to