Jennings Service Scheduled


There will be a memorial service for Peter Jennings Sept. 20.

The late ABC World News Tonight anchor's life will be celebrated at Carnegie Hall, appropriate to a man with a love of great music (though Preservation Hall in New Orleans would also have worked in other times and circumstances).

The service is scheduled for 11 a.m., with the doors opening at 10 for security reasons. No speakers or invited guests have been announced--the family was still selecting them at press time.

At the family's request, there will also be room for some of the public, though given the 2,900-seat limit, it will have to be a ticketed event.

The free tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis at the Carnegie Hall Box Office.

ABC News will have a camera crew at the event so that staffers in remote locations, including Washington, London and L.A., will be able to see it, and the netework will provide excerpts afterwards to other interested news organizations.