Jack gives ABC some ratings juice


ABC's latest prime time game show helped the network win Wednesday among the 18-49 crowd.

You Don't Know Jack the edgy, tongue-in-cheek quizzer featuring Paul Reubens, scored a 3.2 rating, 11 share with 6.8 million viewers. Being sandwiched between Drew Carey reruns didn't lift its profiled from last week's debut. ABC's new media drama, The Beast drew an ugly 2.1/7 with 4.5 million viewers.

NBC's Law & Order drew 10.1 million viewers in leading a retread lineup to a slim victory over CBS in total viewers. Meanwhile, back-to-back episodes of CBS's new Ladies Man&./I> sitcom barely scored, with a 2.2/8 and 1.6/6. - Richard Tedesco