J-Lo to Bring Spanish Variety Show to U.S.


Jennifer Lopez’s Nuyorican Productions has acquired Distraction Formats’ Le GrandTralala for distribution in the United States.

The one-hour variety show features celebrities hosting a live prime time entertainment show without knowing who the guests are going to be. Le Grand Tralala is a hit in Spain and France, where it was originally produced and where Lopez appeared in one episode.

"After appearing on the show in France, I knew I wanted to be involved with bringing Le Grand Tralala to the States. I felt such a rush with the live audience–it was both a challenging and rewarding experience, especially having to perform off the cuff with no prep time," she said.

Lopez’s production company also is producing a talk show with Universal featuring her sister, Lynda; a documentary film at HBO about a Cuban-American girl’s 15th birthday; and a telenovela for Spanish-language television.