Iyanla scores modest debut


Iyanla scored a 1.2 in its premiere week of Aug. 19, debuting lower than the four surviving fall 2000 rookies did in their opening weeks.

That includes Power of Attorney and Judge Hatchett, according to Nielsen Media Research. However, there are plenty of talk shows that have debuted weaker than Iyanla, including now sophomore Queen Latifah (1.1), and mor recently, The Martin Short Show (1.2) and Leeza (1.1).

It was a poor week for talk shows in general, with zero improving on their prior period performances. Looking at the top five, Oprah (5.3, down 5%), Maury (3.2, down 3%), Jerry (3.1, down 14%), Live with Regis and Kelly (3.0, down 17%) and Montel (2.8, down 3%) were all off-track. Talkers were all down over their year-ago showings, except for Oprah, which was flat.

Elsewhere, Change of Heart (2.0, up 5%) tightened the gap with Blind Date (2.1, down 13%). Rookie hours Andromeda (2.1, up 5%) and Maximum Exposure (2.0, up 11%) also found themselves in neck-and-neck races. Andromeda started off the season in the 3.0-4.0 ratings range. Rounding out rookie hours were Nash Bridges (1.7, down 11%), Early Edition (1.7, up 6%), Sheena (1.6, down 20%), Pretender (1.3, flat) and Thunderbox (1.2, flat). X-Files (3.1, down 6%) topped all weekly hours.

In other areas, Friends (4.6, down 6%), Entertainment Tonight (5.3, down 4%), Judge Judy (5.3, down 4%) and Wheel of Fortune (8.6, up 5%) led their respective categories.
- Susanne Ault