iVillage to launch iDate


Women's Internet site iVillage Inc. (www.ivillage.com) has signed an
agreement with Berman/Jacobs Media to develop a television series tentatively
titled iDate based on iVillage's Internet dating

The show will follow contestants from their first electronic-mail exchange to their
first face-to-face meeting.

"iVillage can be part of the TV-production universe with no significant out-of-pocket costs to us," said Doug McCormick, chairman and CEO of iVillage and
former CEO of cable network Lifetime Television. "We already have a strong team in place
with extensive experience in the television industry and who know how to make
programming work."

Talent agency William Morris Agency brought the deal to iVillage. Berman/Jacobs is
run by Marty Berman and Bob Jacobs. Berman is an Emmy Award-winning TV producer,
while Jacobs is a former senior executive at King World Productions.

iVillage, Berman/Jacobs and William Morris are seeking distribution for the
show, which is aimed at syndication but could also air on cable.

Bringing the Internet to the TV-reality genre is becoming something of a
trend in syndication, with Twentieth Television this month giving a slow rollout to reunion show Classmates, based on the Web site Classmates.com (www.classmates.com), and
Sony Pictures Television still planning to roll out eBayTV.