Isle Be Seeing You


Just sit right back and you’ll read a blurb, a blurb on a DVD, that’s launching from the Warner folks at a party on Feb. 3.

Warner Home Video is releasing the first season of 1960’s camp classic and syndication staple Gilligan’s Island on DVD, a burgeoning aftermarket for TV shows young and old.

Creator Sherwood Schwartz and cast members Bob (Gilligan) Denver, Russell (Professor) Johnson, and Dawn (Mary Ann) Wells will be joined by a slew of 60’s TV stars for a christening to rival the launch party of TV Land. They include Butch (Eddie Munster) Patrick, John (Jason Walton) Walmsley, Jeannie Russell (Margaret on Dennis the Menace), Kathy Garber (Cissy on Family Affair), as well as some former TV players to be named later.

The venue, appropriately enough, will be a Marina Del Rey Yacht club from which guests will be able to set sail that day on a 30-minute cruise, a 30-minute cruise.