IPod Gets Some CBS Content


CBS is making some of its content available to Apple iPods via iTunes.

CBS will make show audio clips, 60 Minutes segments, Andy Rooney commentary, the entirety of Face the Nation, and full audio from Guilding Light available on iTunes' podcast directory, as well as some CBS radio and digital media content.

“Podcasting has become a way of life for an increasingly growing population, and I’m confident our programming will find a whole new audience on this hugely popular platform,” said Larry Kramer, president of digital media, in a statement.

The "C" in CBS could have stood for "computer" Monday. The network also said it would launch some prime time, behind-the-scenes blogs.

The network launched its CBS Netcast audio podcast service last month with the Guiding Light audio,as well as audio related to Big Brother, Survivor and the daytime online show, Soap Box.

No video podcasts yet on the order of Disney's decision to make ABC hits available for download.