INTX 2016: Nokia Demos 10-Gig Symmetrical Data Over HFC

Comcast praises vendor’s prototype ‘XG-CABLE’ platform
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Nokia said it will trot out a demo that will deliver symmetrical 10 Gbps data speeds over HFC plant using a prototype technology called XG-CABLE that is based on unique access tech and apps developed by Nokia Bell Labs.

Nokia said it amounts to a proof-of-concept that shows the feasibility of Full Duplex DOCSIS, an initiative recently undertaken by CableLabs.

The vendor added that the XG-CABLE uses point-to-point cable topologies to deliver 10 Gbps symmetric data speeds over HFC using 1.2 GHz of spectrum, claiming that it can be “easily” integrated into the CableLabs-led concept. Notably, the prototype technology can use existing HFC cables over the last 200 meters to provide loftier upstream speeds that aren’t available using current DOCSIS systems that split the allocation of spectrum used for downstream and upstream capacity.

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