INTX 2016: Next-Generation Viewers Bring Much Different Expectations

Post-millennials’ preferences shift from those of older siblings, panelists say
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BOSTON – Forget generation gaps measured in decades. Today’s teenage viewers (call them “Gen Z”) are exhibiting media behaviors that are significantly different than their brothers and sisters who are just a few years older, according to panelists at the INTX session “Z-ing the Future: The Post-Millennial Generation and Its Impact on…Just About Everything.”

Although the speakers at this Tuesday session waffled on the precise age bracket of Gen Z, the range seems to be from pre-teen to 18 year olds, with some analyses pointing a little higher toward college age. This is a group whose viewing habits are shaped by other media consumption experiences – especially since they came of age when individual songs (streamed or downloaded) were the norm, rather than the need to buy full music albums, explained Jake Katz, VP of audience insights and strategy at Revolt TV.

YouTube is the number one media preference at the youngest ranks of this age bracket, replacing Nickelodeon or Disney, which dominated the viewing of their older siblings, said Evan Shapiro, executive VP of digital enterprises at NBCUniversal.

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