Internet Broadcasting, AP Enhance Content Deal

Pact integrates AP Online into IB publishing platform

Website provider Internet Broadcasting (IB) has worked out an agreement with Associated Press to give AP member organizations on the IB network access to enhanced AP text, photos and video news feeds.
The AP Online product provides members with more than 350 stories, 40 video clips and hundreds of related images daily.
"AP is pleased to work with Internet Broadcasting to enhance the value of AP content online by offering an innovative, efficient and flexible workflow solution," said AP Broadcast Markets Director (Americas) Dave Gwizdowski. "It is another creative step in our long standing relationship with IB and its AP member news sites."
The arrangement gives IB partner sites greater depth of national news content, with full story text, sidebar stories, related video and images. IB's national news team compiles content packages and publishes them to IB's partner sites.
"The content is at the core of the AP Online product and IB added value by integrating AP Online into our publishing platform, ibPublish," said IB COO Jeff Kimball. "The end result is high quality and timely information that is critical for media companies that need the best in news and verticals that drive revenue."
IB's clients include stations owned by Hearst Television, Post-Newsweek, McGraw-Hill, Cox Television and Meredith.