Intenuum Launches Teevlog App

Social TV commerce app helps users find and purchase TV-related content and merchandise

High-tech start-up Intenuum has launched its first product, Teevlog, a social TV commerce app that makes it easier for TV viewers to find, share and purchase TV programs and celebrity related content and merchandise.

Currently, TeeVlog is available as downloadable apps for both Android mobile devices and iPad. An iPhone app will be available in July, 2011.

The platform uses advanced semantic search and so called "smart-learning" algorithms to push customized TV related content to users and contains social network features to provide users with easy ways of sharing the information they find from the service.

"Our intention is to maximize user's enjoyment around TV content," explained Sean Park, CTO of Intenuum in a statement. "The way we promote TV related products will be very different from conventional method [because the] product information is blended into content [and is presented] as useful information, not as [a] spam-like advertisement. I believe this will change the landscape" for promoting products and content.