Intel's Grove calls for broadband dereg


Intel Corp. chairman Andrew Grove called on the U.S. government Monday night to relax regulations on high-speed Internet access, Reuters reports.

Speaking at a dinner event sponsored by the Progressive Policy Institute, a centrist Democratic think tank, Grove argued that a 1996 law that sought to encourage competition in local telecommunications markets had failed to bring widespread high-speed, or ``broadband'' access. Grove said wider deployment was necessary even if it would cause more independent carriers to go out of business. But he stopped short of endorsing a controversial bill making its way through Congress that seeks the same result, saying he had ``nothing to add'' to that debate.

Grove said companies must have a profit incentive for the industry to complete its infrastructure buildout. ``It is time for a new approach in which telecom incumbents that have emerged strongest in this battle should be allowed to invest with the fair expectation of making a lot of money,'' Grove said.