Intel CEO to Head Drone Advisory Committee

UAS are a growing tool in TV production

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has been tapped to chair a new drone advisory committee, an extension of the multistakeholder effort to identify and prioritize challenges to integrating drones into U.S. airspace.

Intel called it a "new stakeholder initiative modeled after their successful Next Generation Advisory Council to provide recommendations to the [FAA] on key UAS-related issues.

The unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) are being increasingly used in TV news and entertainment production.

“Input from stakeholders is critical to our ability to achieve that perfect balance between integration and safety,” said Federal Aviation Administration administrator Michael Huerta Wednesday. “We know that our policies and overall regulation of this segment of aviation will be more successful if we have the backing of a strong, diverse coalition.”

The committee will advise the FAA on UAS integration.

Huerta said the new committee is an outgrowth of the successful stakeholder-based UAS registration task force and the MicroUAS aviation rulemaking committee, but that while those were meant to be single-purpose and of limited duration, the committee will be a long-lasting group to "help identify and prioritize integration challenges and improvements, and create broad support for an overall integration strategy."