Integrated Campaigns Get Mixed Reviews


A majority of advertisers (67%) are spreading their advertising across multiple platforms, but a minority (33%) say they are "very happy" with the results.

Insufficent budgets and the lack of a ratings standard for those ads were cited as challenges to successful integrated campaigns.That's according to a survey of 85 "major marketers" by the Association of National Advertisers for an integrated marketing communications conference in New York Wednesday.

About half of the respondents said they wanted their ad agencies to be "media neutral" when planning an integrated marketing program, though, interestingly, mobile media were among the least significant to the marketing mix.

Only 30% said that general advertising (as contrasted to an integrated campaign over multiple platforms) was the most valuable category, down from 51% in the previous (2003) survey.

The survey was conducted over the past two months in association with Blueprint Communications.