Innertube Is Put on Wheels


CBS has launched a consumer marketing campaign to promote its broadband site, Innertube, on some decidedly old-media platforms.

The campaign, which the network says costs up to a half million dollars, includes outdoor, print, online and radio ads and is the most prominent effort so far aimed at raising awareness of a network’s broadband product; ABC, NBC and Fox have not used outdoor advertising to promote their free streaming.

Ads on bus backs and construction signs bearing the slogan “This is television now” have appeared in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Chicago and will remain for two months. The orange-colored ads were designed in partnership with creative agency Big Fish Marketing; some feature images of a man in a chair watching three laptop screens on a wall.

“We felt outdoor was a really good source in terms of trying to cut through the clutter,” says Jodi Flicker, VP, marketing, CBS Digital Media. “We chose mediums we felt were a little more edgy and a little bit more efficient.”

This is the second in a three-stage campaign that began with Innertube’s launch in May. Phase Three will follow the addition of CBS library footage to the site in the coming months.