Infomercial Group Self-Regulates


Infomercial trade group the Electronic Retailing Association said it has persuaded the marketers of Slim-In-6 and 6-Day-Express Body weight-loss programs to modify their TV infomercials.

It will have been the first action taken by the Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program (ESRP), launched this year after the FTC began cracking down on bogus weight-loss claims in ads and infomercials.

The ESRP determined that there were "inconsistencies" in testimonials and the company agreed to add a qualifier when weight loss took longer than the advertised six weeks.

ESRP will investigate infomercial complaints filed at its Web site. It pledges to refer to the Federal Trade Commission companies that don't follow its recommendations.

The council of Better Business Bureaus has a similar self-regulatory body, the Children's Advertising Review Unit, for commercials that run afoul of slef-imposed industry guidelines.