Inergize Digital Launches New Facebook Contest Product

Facebook Page and Contest Management Platform is designed to boost social media revenue

As broadcasters look for ways to make more money off of
social media, digital management technology provider Inergize Digital is
launching a new offering, the Facebook Page and Contest Management Platform.

Inergize Digital is showing the solution at the National
Association of Broadcasters Small Market Television Exchange (NAB SMTE)
conference and tradeshow being held Sept. 13-15 in Nashville, Tenn.

The Facebook Page and Contest Management Platform are
integrated into their Web content management system, a development that they
are billing as an industry first.

The offering is designed to provide clients with a single
access point to update multiple Facebook pages simultaneously and to create,
publish and manage Facebook contests is a far more simplified manner.

The vendor is selling the platform integrated in the
company's Inergize Web CMS or is licensed as a standalone solution.

"At Inergize Digital, we are committed to providing
solutions that increase efficiencies, offer easy-to use tools and empower local
media companies to generate much-needed digital revenue," said Jason Gould,
senior VP and general manager at Inergize Digital. "With the new Facebook Page
and Contest Management Platform, local media companies can easily manage
multiple Facebook pages and contests as well as capitalize on social media
revenue opportunities - all within one comprehensive platform."

The platform is expected to become available next month.

Inergize Web CMS clients that have committed to integrating
the Facebook Page and Contest Management Platform include Newport Television
stations WPTY-TV and WLMT-TV in Memphis, Tenn.; KLRTTV and KASN-TV in Little
Rock, Ark.; KGET-TV and KKEY-TV in Bakersfield, Calif.; and WETM-TV in Elmira,