Indecision2008 Goes Online


Looking to expand on its much-honored "Indecision" brand of tongue-only-slightly-in-cheek campaign coverage, Comedy Central has spun it off into a stand-alone Web property.

The channel Thursday launched pledging to "tell something approximating the electoral news with something approximating honesty."

The site launched with a banner ad from Sonic, videos from John Stewart's Daily Show (Stewart is to Indecision coverage what Walter Cronkite was to CBS's elecxtion coverage, only with arched rather than bushy eyebrows), as well as The Colbert Report and Lil' Bush, which the channel has launched as yet another attempt to  build a lead-out from South Park.

Stewart's Indecision2004 won a Peabody award, with the judges saying it was "“satire that deflates pomposity on an equal-opportunity basis.”