Indecency Hearing In the Works


The Senate Commerce Committee still plans to hold an indecency hearing within the next several weeks.

It won't be next week, with Katrina hearings still dominating, and the committee has to get a DTV bill done by Oct. 19 while working on a separate DTV bill for issues not directly related to spectrum and money. Yet the staff has been "constantly in conversation" about holding a hearing, according to a committee source, though none has yet been scheduled, according to a majority staffer.

Three indecency-related bills have been referred to the committee: Kansas Republican Sam Brownback's Broadcast Indecency Enforcement Act, an Indecent and Gratuitous and Excessively Violent Programming Act from Senators Jay Rockefeller(D-W.Va.) and Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tex.), and Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden's Kid-Friendly Programming Act.

A fourth bill, the House bill upping indecency fines, has been sent straight to Senate leadership and could go to the floor at any time.