Indecency Complaints Down


According to the FCC, indecency and obscenity complaints were down sharply in the second quarter to 52,067 from 275,131 in the first quarter, though up slightly from the third quarter of 2005 (44,109).

June saw only 741 complaints, down from 40,000 in May and 11,326 in April. Some of the complaints in April or May could have come from the American Family Association, which targeted a NASCAR broadcast with an errant swear.

The FCC released the numbers on the same day that a court gave it permission to review four profanity decisions it issued last March. Complaints about profanity are also included in the indecency/obscenity count for the quarter.

The totals for August are likely to be several times that given the Parents Television Council call for complaints over language in the Emmy awards telecast on NBC.

The FCC points out that the numbers could include duplicate complaints.