Immigration Reform Dominates Talk Shows


The Bush administration's backing of an immigration reform bill was tied with its policy on Iraq was the top of the Project for Excellence in Journalism's News coverage Index for the survey period of May 21-25, and dominated the cable and radio talk shows, according to the same group's content analysis.

The issue has gotten the full attention of right wing talkers, who are angered by Bush's backing of a bill they call amnesty for law-breakers, and the issue continues to be a drumbeat on Lou Dobbs's CNN show.

The news analysis is of 48 outlets across print, network TV, cable, online, and radio. The talk analysis is of a dozen top radio and cable talkers.

Immigration and Iraq tied at 10% of the news hole apiece, although the Middle East as a category with had over 30%. That was spread over Iraq policy, events, and "homefront, as well as Iran and violence in Lebanon.

On the talk shows, Rosie O'Donnell's dust-up and departure from The View over a spat with Elisabeth Hasselbeck was the fourth most-talked-about subject with 5% of the airtime.