IFC Flick Picks at MPAA Ratings


The Independent Film Channel has yet to decide on a TV airing date for controversial new independent film, This Movie Has Not Yet Been Rated, but says it will air uncut.

It will also screen the films in New York and L.A. Sept. 1.

Director Kirby Dick, who doesn't plan to submit the film for an MPAA rating, has been raising some eyebrows in Hollywood with a film, debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, that questions whether independent films and big-studio releases are rated comparably for comparable content and "whether keeping the raters and the rating process secret leaves the MPAA entirely unaccountable for its decisions."

The film comes at the same time that former MPAA President Jack Valenti, who devised the movie ratings system in the 1960s to head off government regulation of violent and sexual movies, is attempting to adapt the system to TV to help it avoid the same threatened regulatory crackdown, though arguably TV is already a ways down that path.