Idol Ratings Are Down


Before American Idol’s season premiere last month, Fox entertainment president, Gail Berman, said that ratings could be down 10% to 15% this year. Then the show opened huge.

Well, despite the hype, it looks like Berman’s anticipation of a drop was prescient, though the decline isn’t as pronounced as predicted.

American Idol ratings are down 4% from last year in the lucrative 18-49 demographic. And they were down in five out of the six episodes that have aired so far this season—with the sharpest drops coming on Wednesdays against ABC freshman, Lost.

On Feb. 2, Idol was down 14% from the same slot in 2004.

Now that the show has moved into the actual musical phase, instead of the ridicule-the-clueless-amateurs phase, the ratings could still top last year’s if compelling characters emerge.