IBS to test daypart sites


Internet Broadcasting Systems Inc., which produces Web sites for TV stations, is
learning something from those stations: dayparting. "Stations have known for a
long time that people have different needs for TV at different times of the
day," IBC CEO Tolman Geffs said. "We found that the same thing is true on the

So to increase usage and ad revenue (the 70 IBS-produced sites generated $15
million in the second quarter), IBS will start experimenting with Web sites that
offer different looks and content during various dayparts: morning, noon,
afternoon, evening and weekend.

The test sites are Hearst-Argyle Stations Inc.’s WBAL-TV Baltimore and NBC’s WMAQ-TV

IBS’ principal broadcast client/partners are NBC, Hearst-Argyle,
Post-Newsweek Stations Inc., Cox Broadcasting Inc. and The McGraw-Hill Cos.