IBC: T-VIPS Launches Connect5

New version of its network management solution is designed to simplify management of multiple video networks

Complete Coverage: IBC 2012

Video contribution and distribution solution provider T-VIPS will be demonstrating the newest generation of its network management solution, Connect5 at IBC between Sept. 6-11.

The upgraded solution includes new features that will make it easier for broadcasters and network operators to monitor and control multiple video network infrastructures and is expected to become available to customers in the fourth quarter of 2012.

"Our Connect5 solution gives network operators and broadcasters a simple and cost-effective way to set up, monitor and manage the delivery of professional video over today's increasingly complex video transport networks," said Janne T. Morstøl, COO, T-VIPS in a statement. "We are seeing a trend towards outsourcing of video network services. In this scenario Connect5 offers unrivalled flexibility as a media management system, enabling video transport infrastructures to be modified, monitored and maintained by different customers. In combination with T-VIPS monitoring solutions, Connect5 enables video quality to be verified at hand-over points to outsourced networks, with real-time alarms and extensive trend reporting ensuring that SLA targets are being reached."

She also noted that "the 'video-centric' features of Connect5 also make it ideal for more traditional TV infrastructures, such as large terrestrial networks, where there is a need to monitor video content from specific services in multiple networks to individual components within a multiplex."