IBC: RED Digital Cinema Shows off Live HDR Technologies

New HDR-2084 system allows users to monitor both HDR and SDR
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With producers showing more interest in high dynamic range (HDR) and the improvements it can bring to 4K video, RED Digital Cinema has been demonstrating a live HDR output solution at its booth and at the Dolby Vision stand throughout this year’s IBC.

Its HDR-2084 offering allows users to simultaneously monitor both the standard dynamic range and HDR images of the same shot on-set, in real-time.

That will allow users to see more of what the sensors on their cameras are capturing– from the deep shadows to bright highlights – in a way that opens up new creative possibilities and helps streamline workflows, the company reports.

HDR-2084, which is exclusively available via the REDCAST module, meets the SMPTE 2084 HDR standard.