IBC NEWS: Quantel Unveils First Software-Only Product


Quantel has joined the ranks of editing and graphics suppliers selling into the laptop and desktop market with the IBC launch of Marco, a brand new standalone editing software package.

Marco is aimed at customers who want to use the popular Quantel editing interface without relying on the hardware-based sQ system, and is the first software-only product from Quantel, which has a long history of providing powerful editing and graphics tools that rely on proprietary boxes.

John Woodhouse, Broadcast Product Manager for Quantel, says Marco can be loaded onto a laptop through a compact disk. It will work with standard DV camcorders, and inputs and outputs video through a standard Firewire connection. It has options for popular Quantel editing capabilities such as dissolves, wipes or custom transitions, and Quantel’s new Templating option is available for adding text and graphics.

Of course, Quantel is pitching Marco as a complement to its aQ system, particularly for field applications that require portable laptops. In that vein, media files can be exported from Marco and sent back to the news studio through store-and-forward applications.