IAG Tracks Plugs for MindShare


IAG Research has signed the first agency client to its IPP (In Program Performance) product placement tracking service for prime time TV, and it's a big one.

MindShare, which ranks number three on B&C's exclusive list of the top 10 media buyers at $3.3 billion in billings, has signed on to track product placement for its clients, which include Kodak, Bristol-Myers, American Express, IBM, Mattel, Unilever and the veritable host of others, though it is not clear which clients it will be tracking.

American Express, for one, already has a separate deal with IAG for the service, as well as Generl Motors.

IPP, which launched in October 2003, employs online-recruited watchers (through rewardtv.com) who track prime time product placement in every prime time show on TV, broadcast and cable.

Among the data it collects are brand recall, fit (whether a placement was seamless or stuck out like a Band-Aid brand adhesive bandage on a sore thumb), and changes to brand opinions (i.e., did that box of Frosted Flakes in the kitchen scene make you think "#$%&* plug!" or "Gee, I'm hungry."

IAG claims to have "captured and analyzed over 5 million product placement surveys since its inception.